Brick and Mortar vs. Digital

So, there was a very interesting discussion recently on MPR about how Amazon is becoming a bigger player in the publishing business and how traditional publishers and book stores are a little nervous about all of this.

Amazon’s move raises some fundamental questions about where our books come from and who we do or do not support. I know personally I’m not a huge fan of reading lots of texts on a screen, but the popularity of Kindles and iPads and other e-readers is on the rise. It seems the publishing industry needs to keep pace with technology or lose business.

The conversation on the program turned to the topic of independent book stores vs. online retailers. Some independent book stores are going to boycott anything published by Amazon, but is that a smart move? Shouldn’t they be keeping pace with what consumers want or is there something admirable in their steadfast anti-Amazon position? Who do you support, brick and mortar book stores or online retailer/publishers?

I’d love to hear from other people about this topic.

Link to the radio segment:


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